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green bullet Products & Services | Preventative Maintenance &
Inspection Report

Customer Name:

P.O. No:

WSL Report No:

Serial No:



Unit No:

Transformer Type Welder
Inverter Type Welder
Engine Driven Welder

Stick Welder Mig Welder Tig Welder Plasma Cutter
Wire Feeder Spool Gun Other

Maintenance Performed
(legend:  1-acceptable, 2=need repair, 3=unit repair and acceptable, n/a=not applicable) 

remove covers and panel

inspect and verify input power setting

inspect and tighten connection set up and run test unit
clean blow unit with compressed air inspect unit shore plug-in
do unit inspection below (as required) re-install covers and panel

Weld Test / Cutting Test
Open Circuit Voltage as found volts

Inspection Performed
(component install on unit only)

Other Component Fuel Tank Plasma Torch
Covers and Panels Output Terminals Capacitor
Selector Switch Relay Spool Holder
Water Cooler HF Tungsten Bearing
Volt Regulator Muffler Ground Clamp
Input Power Cable Mig Gun Diode
Ammeter Gauge Potentiometer Wire Guides
Foot Control HF Spark Plug Oil Filter
Circuit Breaker Electrode Holder Ground Cable
Input Power Plug Rheostat Fan Motor
Voltmeter Gauge Selector Knob Drive Rolls
Hand Control Rotor Fuel Filter
Ignition Switch Tig Torch Main Rectifier
Input On/Off Switch Resistor Fan Blade
Digital Display Gun Case Nozzle
Tig Cable/Hose Brushes Air Filter
Main Contactor Gas Diffuser Gas/Air Hose
Flow Gauge Control Transformer Liner
Tips and Electrode Gas/Air Solenoid Circuit Board
Engine Trigger Switch Gas/Air Gauge
Main Transformer Control Cable Auxiliary AC Plug
Gas/Air Regulator


Inspected by:

Verified by:



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