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Advanced Cylinder Management

With tens of thousands of high pressure cylinders in our inventory and distributed to customers across Manitoba, keeping track of these cylinders is no small task. That’s why Welders Supplies is pleased to announce that we are now using Advanced Cylinder Management to distribute and track cylinders. You’ve probably already seen them: small bar code stickers on the cylinders that allow them to be digitally tracked. With a click of a button, we record exactly what products are delivered, when they’re delivered and when they’re returned. Because all this information goes directly into our data base, customers also reap the benefit of this tracking system:

  • Improved system to confirm delivery dates and times;
  • Reduce lost or stolen cylinders;
  • Improved cylinder inventory control and traceability;
  • Improved account information;
  • Simplified re-ordering;
  • No need to internally track cylinders;
  • Digital signed proof of delivery;
  • Uncover and return surplus cylinder stock;
  • Flag stolen cylinders and verify their return;
  • Optimize your cylinder stocking levels;

Advanced Cylinder Management photoOne of our objectives at Welders Supplies is to keep up with new technologies so we can improve how we do business and better serve our customers. Advance Cylinder Management is just one example of how new technology benefits all by saving time and money.



Advanced Cylinder Management brochureClick the image to the right to view our brochure on Advanced Cylinder Management and Digital Delivery.






Advanced Cylinder Management photo

Advanced Cylinder Management photo