September 2010

how to save money, buying gas

Welders Supplies logoDid you know that how you buy your gas can be more important that what you pay for it?

Did you know that, the price to buy high pressure, pre-mixed gas can be two to three times the price to buy your gases in liquid form!

Let’s look at this idea a little further.

As your gas consumption grows, you have two options to keep up with the demand:  keep changing cylinders and lose production time, or, change to a more economical supply method such as portable liquid gas cylinders, or a microbulk tank.

Using regulators, gas mixers and manifolds, we can help you make your own shielding gas.  With this system, you are able to dial in your own gas mix ratio for argon and carbon dioxide, or argon and oxygen.  You can also have two different gas mixtures on separate supply lines to give you even more versatility.  Depending on your gas usage, this system has the potential to save you thousands of dollars!

The average time it takes a welder to change a gas cylinder is probably longer than you think.  Liquid supply can reduce or eliminate the need to change out cylinders of pre-mixed gas; saving you on the time it takes your staff to complete this unproductive work.  You also save on space, cylinder rental charges, frequency of invoices (which ultimately costs you money to pay), and even improve safety!

Welders Supplies has a full-time, qualified Gas Control Technician trained and experienced in all aspects of this complex area.  We’ll come down to your facility and conduct a full assessment of your current gas consumption, then provide you with an economic analysis of your payback.  We know the codes and standards you need to follow, and can arrange everything for you.  Call us today, and put us to work to save you money.  Click here to see pictures of our recent microbulk tank installations and click here to see pictures of our gas control installations.

cash back offer from Miller Electric

Miller Electric logoDid you know Welders Supplies is the only Miller Electric distributor in Manitoba that sells and services Miller equipment?  Click here to check out our Summer Savings promotion on popular Miller machines, featuring Cash Back from Miller when you buy TIG, MIG, engine driven welders, and more!



welding tip of the dayA 'Welding Tip of the Day" is brought to you from our Technical Representatives ...

The contact tip is the only place that MIG wire gets its power.
A dollar-a-day contact tip change will save you hundreds of dollars in grinding or re-work.  Change your tip daily for stable feeding, reduced spatter, and a smooth weld.

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Advanced Cylinder Management is our new and improved system of controlling cylinder inventory.  Digital bar coding allows us to track the movement of every cylinder.  We’ll be able to tell you when your cylinders were delivered, how long you’ve had them, who received them, and when it was returned.  Better inventory means less hassle for you.  Click here for more information on this unique service – only at Welders Supplies!


service division

Our Service Division provides a number of services for your equipment including, calibration and regularly scheduled servicing to keep your equipment up-to-date with ISO and production standards, and to prevent untimely breakdowns.

We are the only authorized service provider in Manitoba for Lincoln Electric, and the exclusive Manitoba sales and warranty provider for Lincoln Electric, Hypertherm, ESAB, and Miller.




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