August 19, 2013


Welders Supplies logoCongratulations to 3 long term employees who have moved into retirement.  All 3 gentlemen had distinguished careers at Welders Supplies, providing our customers with innovative solutions, technical leadership and excellent customer service and did so with honesty and integrity.  We wish you health, happiness and time with friends and family in your well deserved retirements.


Dale Linktick retirement

Greg Mearon retirement

Ken McAllister retirement


2013 Manitoba Marathon participantsManitoba Marathon, Sunday June 16th, 2013
On a bright sunny morning members of the WAM team (Welders Supplies, Adhere Distributors and Medigas Manitoba) participated in the 34th annual Manitoba Marathon.  The Manitoba Marathon is a charitable organization that raises funds to build a better community to support Manitobans who live with an intellectual disability.


2013 Ride For Dad participantsRide for Dad, Saturday May 25th, 2013
On Saturday, May 25th, the WSL Riders were among the 1,002 registered riders a new record who joined in the fight against prostate cancer in the 5th annual Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad.  There were more than $215,000 in pledge donations (and counting) bringing the five-year total to over $575,000.00.


2013 Dragon Boat Festival logoRiver City Dragon Boat Festival, Friday June 7th and Saturday June 8th, 2013
The WSL Wetbandits participated in the River City Dragon Boat Festival over a 2-day period.  At the closing of the event on Saturday evening a total of $101,388.00 had been raised in the fight against cancer here in Manitoba.


Safety In The WorkplaceProposed new guidelines for respirable manganese particulate in the USA are prompting many metal fabricators in Canada, to rethink how they protect their welders. The new guidelines call for reducing the respirable TLV (threshold limit value), TWA (time- weighted average) limit of 0.2mg/m3 to 0.02mg/m3. According to the new guidelines, no person should breathe in more than 0.02 milligrams per cubic meter of air of manganese over an eight hour work period. This guidance is not a government regulated standard in the USA or Canada.

Manganese is used extensively in steel making; therefore metal fabricators should be aware of the dangers of overexposure to manganese. Manganese fumes can easily be inhaled by a welder unless proper controls are in place such as ventilation, personal protection equipment and fume extraction equipment. Long term or excessive exposure to manganese fume has been linked to weakness, lethargy, paralysis, tremors and speech and psychological difficulties.

The proposed TLV guidelines can be achieved with a combination of ventilation, fume extraction, respiratory protection and a change in welding procedures. Metal fabricators should review material safety data sheets for products containing manganese and then consult the expertise of welding and safety professionals. These professionals can determine the manganese levels that workers are exposed to on the shop floor. Once the exposure levels have been determined, a decision can be made on how to proceed to reduce the exposure of welding fumes to acceptable levels.



welding tip of the dayA 'Welding Tip of the Day' is brought to you from our Technical Representatives ...


Aluminum mig welding tip, fill the crater at the end of the weld to avoid cracking. One way to do this is to dwell in the weld puddle for a second at the end of the weld.

welding tip

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