April 25, 2013


Welders Supplies logoYou make a difference when you purchase gas or products from your local independent welding distributor. Every purchase supports an independently owned business that is part of your community. This means jobs and growth for our local economy, tax revenue streams that stay here in Manitoba to support Manitoba initiatives. Supporting local business creates stability in our workforce and keeps Manitobans working. Local business has a true concern for local issues, not only do we do business here, we live and raise our families here as well. For your next purchase consider supporting an independent business, we put our customers and their well-being first.

Welders Supplies Limited, proudly independent since 1946.
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work glovesWork Glove Special

  • 6 gloves for $8.10/pkg.
    works out to $1.35/paid
  • 12 gloves for $15.60/pkg.
    works out to $1.30/pair
  • case of 120 pairs @ $150.00
    works out to $1.25/pair
    IWD WM846309

Gift Cards Available!  -  We have gift cards available at all three of our locations, the perfect gift for the welder in the family.

  • Winnipeg, 150 McPhillips Street  (204) 772-9476
  • Brandon, 1000-18th Street  (204) 728-5888
  • Thompson, 217 Hayes Road  (204) 778-8838


Product & Sales TrainingProduct & Sales Training is a constant initiative of Welders Supplies.  Our Customer Service and Technical Sales Representatives attend regular training and upgrade sessions on the products that we sell and service.  Here our sales teams receive training on the Walter Surfox weld cleaning systems.  The Surfox system is a portable, fast and safe method to clean, protect and passivate stainless steel welds, primarily tig welds.  Surfox does not alter the surface finish and greatly reduces the finishing costs.  See us for a demonstration or visit to see Surfox in action.


Profitablity & Comfort In The WorkplaceErgonomics has become a major concern as weld shop managers and owners strive to improve worker safety and efficiency. The selection of a proper fitting mig torch, can lead to greater profitability by allowing for greater arc-on time. Mig torches are offered in curved or straight handle designs to allow the welder to select the gun that is the most comfortable for their application. Mig torches come in a variety of cable lengths, the shorter the cable the lighter the torch reducing the stress on hands and wrists thus reducing the fatigue caused by repetitive motion. Shorter cables also reduce the clutter in the weld cell reducing tripping hazards and wire feeding issues. A safe work environment and good ergonomics will create comfortable welders who will be more content and more productive.



welding tip of the dayA 'Welding Tip of the Day' is brought to you from our Technical Representatives ...


Always clean aluminum base material before welding to remove the oxide layer.  Use a stainless steel wire brush used only for cleaning aluminum.  A biodegradable aluminum cleaner and brightener is also available, try Weldmark WM781 for rapid and effortless cleaning and removal of aluminum oxides, grease and dirt from aluminum before welding.

welding tip

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