April 30, 2012


Welders Supplies logoReducing welding fumes is a common goal these days, fume extraction and respiratory solutions are critical tools for employee health and safety.  There are many fume extraction and respiratory solutions to limit the amount of particulate emitted into the environment.  Source capture through fume extraction is the best method for eliminating the weld fume from the air.  Fume extraction solutions come in multiple shapes and sizes, portable/mobile for light weight extraction, stationary/wall mounted models, fume guns with built in fume extraction to centralized industrial multi-cell systems.  Source capture is preferred because it removes contaminated air at the source before it reaches a worker’s breathing zone.

fume extractionWelding helmet respiratory protection systems give the welder an all in one solution for more welding flexibility, precision and efficiency.  Respiratory protection auto darkening welding helmets with built in grinding modes allow the welder to perform all welding and related functions without ever removing the helmet.  Respirator protection systems are intended for fume protection but offer additional protection having the face and head of the welder sealed from outside objects/contaminants.

fume extractionManaging your welding fumes will ensure your employees are working in a healthy environment. Meeting safety requirements and keeping your welders happy will be an important factor in productivity and quality.





Weldmark products are the exclusive brand of the independent welding distributor.  Weldmark is a full line of welding equipment, safety apparel and related accessories manufactured to our quality specifications.  Weldmark are proven quality products available only from independent welding distributors.  Ask for Weldmark products available in Manitoba only through Welders Supplies Limited, proudly independent.



Welders Supplies Limited services western Manitoba through our branch in Brandon, Manitoba.  Located at 1000-18th street, Welders Supplies Brandon has a full line of welding gases, equipment and accessories.  Our Brandon branch has serviced the Westman region for fifty six years.  Our fully trained technical staff would be happy to assist with your welding, cutting, metal finishing and micro-bulk requirements.  We pride ourselves with superior customer service, call 1-204-728-5888 or fax 1-204-729-0875 and put our expertise to work for you.

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welding tip of the dayA 'Welding Tip of the Day" is brought to you from our Technical Representatives ...

Picking the correct nozzle length for your MIG (GMAW) welding operation is important.  If you are welding thin gauge metal a short nozzle is a must. A contact tip should be flush or extended to provide good puddle control, consistent penetration, and greater visibility.  Thicker materials, and metal or flux cored wires, require the tip to be recessed within the nozzle.  A longer nozzle protects the tip for higher ampere requirements.  Below 250 amps the tip should be flush.  Below 150 amps the tip should be extended.

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